transfer a car title

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Transfer A Car Title

There comes a time in every car’s life when it must move on to a new owner. Are you ready to hand your car over to someone else? When you’re ready to sell or even gift your vehicle to someone else, you must first complete a car title transfer.

Transferring a car title is an essential step in giving your car to someone whether you accept payment for it or not. Knowing how to transfer a car title correctly is the first step.

To avoid any issues and make the transfer as least stressful as possible, you should know all the best tips for transferring a car title. To learn more, continue reading below for our car title transfer guide!

Why Transfer A Car Title?

Why do you need to transfer a car title? Can’t you hand over the keys to someone else and be done with it? The title of a car proves ownership over the vehicle. Once the title transfers, the other person can then begin the registration process.

As the seller, you want to make sure the title is no longer in your name to prevent tickets or fees in the mail for a car that someone else is driving. It also prevents your car insurance from taking a hit if the new owner were involved in an accident. If you want to save yourself from possible problems related to the vehicle, then it’s best to get the title transferred as soon as you give the car to someone else.

Check The Name On The Title

Before you can transfer the title over, you need to check the name on it. If your name isn’t on the title, then you can’t legally transfer it to someone else. Does the title to your car belong to a lender or a bank?

The lender will then explain to you the process of transferring it out of their name to someone else. In most situations, the other person will need to give you the money for the vehicle so you can pay off the loan and then make the transfer. That is done at the bank or lender’s office to ensure no discrepancies. If you have a title loan on the vehicle, then you’ll need to pay this off as well before selling.

Transfer A Car Title Made Simple

When the title is in your name, you can complete a simple transfer. To do so, you’ll need to complete a title certificate. Contact your local DMV office about how to go about doing so. The exact steps to get this done will depend on the specific state. Once completed, you and the new owner can take the certificate to the local DMV office to make the transfer official.

Contact Your Loan Lender

If you have a loan lender on the title, then be sure to contact the lender and ask them about the process of transferring the title. Depending on the situation, you may be required to pay off the loan before the car title transfer, or you may only be required to pay a portion of it. Speak with the lender for specific requirements.

Speak With The Dealer And DMV

When selling your vehicle to a dealership, the dealership will most likely handle the transfer process. Do make sure you contact your local DMV after transferring the title to the dealer.

Let the DMV know that you’ve sold or traded your vehicle to a dealership. If there are any extra steps you need to take to complete the process and avoid any issues, your DMV will let you know what to do.

Deal With Lost Titles First

You cannot sell or gift a car to someone if you don’t have the title in hand. If you’ve lost the car title, you must take care of this before doing anything else. To deal with a lost title, contact your local DMV and request a duplicate title. You can let them know you’ve lost the original.

Do be prepared to pay a fee, however. Once you have a title to the vehicle, you can then proceed with selling it.

Unfortunately, there will be a price for transferring a title. Each situation and state will determine the fees. Prepare for other costs associated with selling a car to someone.

For example, after you sell your old car, you might need to transfer your tag to a new vehicle. If this is the case, then this is another fee. You can always speak with your local DMV about the cost of transfer fees before starting the process.

Do You Know How To Transfer A Car Title?

After reading through this guide, we hope you know how to transfer a car title. Use this helpful information to ensure you take all the necessary steps to transfer the title correctly. Are you ready to sell your current car and purchase a new one? You can apply for a loan today even if you have bad credit by clicking here!