2021 Champion Cash Loans Scholarship

Champion Cash Loans understands the financial hardships inherent in financing college tuition. We believe that education should be accessible to all, anyone who wishes to gain further knowledge to advance their career and, ultimately, their life. That is why CFS proudly offers a scholarship program aimed at students who show exceptional skill and merit. If you are currently enrolled in college, do not hesitate to apply!

Scholarship for College in 2021

Champion Cash Loans believes in progress and community involvement. We want to honor students who give back to their communities in innovative and creative ways! Therefore, we want to know how you are involved in your community.

CFS offers a scholarship for college students who have demonstrated how community service can positively affect a change. Any student currently enrolled in college may apply.

Working within your community is a great way to show support and build character. We believe in honoring students who are getting involved in their community and making a difference. Continue reading to learn how to apply …

Application Criteria

Over the years, we have assisted many in advancing their schooling. Whether you attend a university or a vocational program, Champion Cash Loans is ready to help you. Read the application criteria below and apply! The deadline for the scholarship is September 6th, 2021. The announcement will be on September 13th.

Include the following in all submissions:

1. Official transcripts showing proof of good grades.

2. An essay of 1,000 words detailing how small businesses will survive another financial downfall or nationwide crisis. Champion Cash Loans wants you to be creative, so do not be afraid to use your imagination!

3. (Optional) We invite applicants to provide evidence of achievements, leadership, and other notable academic accolades.

Apply Now

We cannot wait to hear from you! Apply now before it is too late!

Email Your Submissions to [email protected]