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Can You Get a Title Loan With a Bill of Sale?

Do you want to get an auto title loan by using the bill of sale? However, the answer is yes, to get a title loan with a bill of sale must have the assurance bond. Confirming that there is no pending lien against the vehicle.

Once you get the surety bond, you can get the bonded title from the official department of motor vehicles. In addition, if you have bought a car then you may have the question: can you get a title loan with a bill of sale? Champion Cash Loans are there to help and clear everything with this blog guide.

The bill of sale Title

Champion Cash Loans work on professional work ethics. It is our responsibility to educate our past, present, and new clients with the required information. Encourage them to get closer to a better financial position.

This is the primary reason we answer every question even if they are not associated with our business, as we understand our client’s concerns and do not take them for granted. Continue to read and get to know about can you get a title with a bill of sale?

Is it possible to get an auto title loan with a bill of sale?

Being one of the foremost and leading title loan lenders, we work hard to help our valued clients with the needed financial help. Since working for over a decade, we have helped thousands of individuals running low on funds and have gone beyond the limit to motivate, educate, and make every person aware of instant financial help.

We are consistently working and making our website the number one source for not only getting an instant title loan but to offering the required information with our blog posts such as how to get a title loan for a vehicle with a bill of sale and other necessary topics settling down your queries.

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Defining Bill of Sale

The bill of sale is like any other receipt for the vehicle you bought. Not every state requires it; however, the DMV needs you to get the bill of sale. Moreover, this is a significant aspect of the vehicle process for both purchaser and seller.

The major need to get an instant pink slip loan is that the borrower must offer the eligible vehicle title as collateral. Moreover, there is no replacement for this requirement, mentioning you cannot get a car loan by using a bill of sale. If you only have the bill of sale in your name, you need to obtain the vehicle title free from all sorts of pending liens. There are many ways you can get a vehicle title by utilizing the bill of sale.

Bill of Sale and Transferring a Car Title

In case you have the bill of sale because you have bought a vehicle, you can utilize this document for getting the vehicle title in your name. Once you purchase the vehicle from someone, the primary thing you must do is transfer the title to your name. Many states have a fixed deadline for submitting the requested documents to get approval. Assure you do not void the deadlines and visit the DMV’s website for thorough information.

To transfer the title assures that you own the vehicle. Moreover, this will protect the seller’s interest in case anything strange happens to the vehicle under your possession. If it experiences any damage or something else happens, the vehicle owner will be held accountable for the damages if their name is present on the title.

Applying for a title loan requires a clear vehicle title free from all types of pending payments. If the vehicle’s title is not in your name, you cannot use the title, and getting a title loan is not easy for clearing financial expenses.

Lost or Stolen Car Title

In case you only have the bill of sale as you have lost the title, or it was theft, you can apply for the new title with DMV. The need is to follow the process and submit the vehicle registration card and bill of sale. With this, you will get the new title helping you to apply for auto title loans.

Talk to your nearest DMV for checking if they can offer the title within the same day or if you will get a new one through the mail.

Car Title Loans offered by Champion Cash Loans

If you utilize the bill of sale for the vehicle title in your name, you can start the auto title loan process. Getting an instant title loan from Champion Cash Loans is easy and fast. By utilizing the lien-free title in your name, you can get the money for clearing the bills such as medical expenses, mortgage payments, outstanding debts, and even more.

If you have low credit ratings or bad credit history, the title loan will work as the best financial option as the credit history won’t prove your eligibility. Many individuals select title loans from Champion Cash Loans to overcome financial challenges. The process is easy to follow and does not make you wait for days to get approval.

What are the requirements to apply for a title loan after getting a title from just a bill of sale?

To become eligible for an auto title loan, the requirement is to own a vehicle with a clear title and a stable income source. After you get the approval, our skilled loan agent will contact and request you to submit additional documents proving your identity and vehicle ownership. The requirement is to provide:

This is all you require for getting an instant auto title loan. Moreover, there is no waiting time and the documentation process is not time-consuming as well. There is no hidden or secret charge. Champion Cash Loans works to help their valued clients with the needed financial assistance. We keep everything clear and transparent so that every person reaching us gets the needed funds they were looking for. Moreover, if you want to know how much cash you can get on title loans then feel free to reach us for a free quote. We are the topmost car title loan lenders charging the lowest interest rates than personal loans. Once the loan proceeds then getting final approval on short-term cash loans is not tough.

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