where can i work on my car

Where can I work on my car?

Are you looking for some spare work? Do you feel bored and require something to do? Moreover, getting to know about the repair parts for the vehicle will help to save a lot of money. When talking about mechanic expenses. Also, if you want to know where can I fix my car, living in an apartment, or a home that does not have a garage; it is tough to follow DIY techniques. This blog post aims at sharing the necessary information regarding where can I work on my car:

  1. Auto spare parts lots
  2. Asking your friends
  3. Contact the auto mechanic institute
  4. Renting out a storage unit

Where to Repair Your Car If You Don’t Have a Garage?

If you have the required equipment to repair the vehicle apart from the garage to follow the work. You may be thinking about where to repair the vehicle without the garage. Moreover, if you have a parking lot in your apartment. It can be against the law for the residential area to do any type of work creating a lot of noise.

Auto spare parts lots: Certain Auto part stores allow the clients to utilize the lots for doing repair work. Moreover, you have to visit the local store to make sure they let you utilize the lot.

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Requesting the friends:

If you have a friend having a big garage. This can be the best option for you to complete the repair work. Moreover, using the friend’s garage will assure that you do not disturb the locals or break the rules. If they are not ready then you can do the additional work on the vehicles if they want it.

Contact Auto Mechanic Institute: 

Considering the location and the auto mechanic schools nearby your locality. They will allow you to use the garage that they utilize for the candidates to work on the vehicle. Also, the best option is to visit and request them if they allow. You can bring the tools you own.

Renting out storage unit:

For many of the parts, storage units are the best option where you can store the storage unit and what you can utilize it for. This may cost you a little extra on a monthly basis; however, you will have the space to store the tools you utilize. Similar to any other alternatives, the ideal way to discover if you can utilize the storage unit is to contact the local one. A few of them have certain conditions when it comes to utilization and if there is noise control while doing repair work.

Auto Shops offering Self-Service:

This is not a famous or easy option when compared to other alternatives, however, doing the basic search and you may be wondering how to locate the self-service auto shops. Moreover, this is a unique service allowing you to rent the spot for fixing the vehicle on your own, or with assistance. Every service is different in what they offer, that is where research will help the most.

How Can I Work on my Car if I don’t have a Garage?

If you decide to repair cars with or without the garage, you have to ensure that you have the required tools. The consistent toolbox won’t cut it for the kind of work you will do.

  1. Socket Set: One will require this equipment for working on the vehicle.
  2. Pliers and Wirecutters: There are different electrical segments within the vehicle, thus, you need the pliers to finish electrical repair tasks.
  3. Torque Wrench: Try to utilize the clicker-type torque wrench for tightening nuts to the right specifications.
  4. Wrenches: The wrench is the best tool that can be added to the mechanical toolbox.
  5. Screwdrivers: They are as useful to the garage as to the house.
  6. Dead Blow Mallet: Many times, the dead blow mallet is the perfect answer when taking out the stuck bolts.
  7. Work Light: You need to work at night, particularly during the winter season and you may require a good light for knowing what you are doing.
  8. Latex Gloves: The latex or non-latex gloves are recommended for regular work to avoid any injury.
  9. Zip Ties: This is best for tightening cables and wires away from heating parts.
  10. Multimeter: This is important to track down what’s troubling the electronic system of the vehicle alongside whether you need to install a new wire.
  11. Impact Wrench: This tool makes the work easy for eliminating complex nuts.
  12. Lubricants and Cleaners: The mechanically advanced parts must receive thorough cleaning, oil changes, and lubrication constantly.
  13. Drip Pan: Try to use the drip pan or cardboard for catching oil and fluids from the vehicle.
  14. Desiccant: This tool helps in absorbing excess oil change or fluids missing the drip pan.
  15. Duct Tape & Electrical Tape: The duck tape has different uses, ensure to keep the roll with you every time following repair work. Besides, electrical tape is great for managing wiring tasks.
  16. Owner’s Manual: This is one of the topmost tools when you are doing repair work. Moreover, this has all the details about the vehicle variant and sometimes tells the tutorials for the task.


If you want to maintain the vehicle in the finest condition then you need to follow certain maintenance tips for avoiding car repair costs. Also, you can rent a garage to work on car and fix the issues within the vehicle. If you have enough funds to take the vehicle to an auto repair shop then getting the car fixed is no longer a tough task. The biggest part of working near a parts store is easy access to parts, and a place to dispose of fluids. If you never visited the auto zone then you may find it tough to manage automotive repair tasks. Here you found out the question: where can I work on my car if I don’t have a garage?

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