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Title Loan Alternatives And Risks

Downsides To Title Loan Alternatives

If you have a family emergency or another pressing reason where you need to get ahold of some extra money quickly, you might have a number of ideas on how you can go about getting the cash you need. Title loans offer you quick cash, depending on the value of your car, and you get to keep driving your vehicle while the loan is in effect. The secured loan is backed by property and doesn’t take a credit check to get. They’re fast and easy and they can help you get through a rough patch. However, there are plenty of people who at least consider alternative routes to get what they need in a tough time. Here are some of the alternatives to title loans and why they aren’t always the best idea.

Ask A Family Member Or Friend For A Loan

One way to access money without going to a bank or getting a credit check is to ask someone you know for a loan. Of course, this can work in certain situations, but it’s always a risk. You never know how borrowing money from a friend or family member will go. They might hold it over you later or things might get messy between you if you can’t pay them back as you had promised. Let’s study a few more loan alternatives

Get Payday Loans

Payday loans are certainly a way to get money fast, but they carry large interest rates with them. You don’t need a credit check there either, but you do have more to pay back than you would with an auto loan. If you have a vehicle, getting an auto title loan is usually the better loan alternatives to go with.

Ask Employer For An Advance

If you’re in a bind, you might consider going to your employer for extra money. That is hard, however, because when your next paycheck rolls around, you have less to go around and you might be in the same hot water all over again. Auto title loans allow you to get money for your vehicle’s worth and pay it off little by little. You don’t garnish any of your wages in the meantime.

Pawn Household Items

If you have anything of value, you can take it to a pawn shop and see what you can get for it to tide you over in an emergency. However, many people only hold onto things of great sentimental value. You certainly don’t want to pawn your grandma’s broach or your grandpa’s watch if you don’t have to. Auto title loan alternatives allow you to keep your prized possessions while getting the money you need for this situation.

Talk About Title Loan Alternatives With Professionals

These are all alternatives and you’ll have to decide what’s right for your circumstance. But checking into title loans with a professional is free and if you’re considering that avenue, it’s worth your time and effort to at least consider the option. Call Champion Financial Services with your questions about auto title loans, whether you have a car, SUV, motorcycle, or another vehicle.