What You Need to Know About RV Title Loans

An RV, or recreational vehicle, is designed to serve as a vehicle and a home for those traveling around the country, camping, and more. There are many different types of RVs including Class A Diesel, Class A Gas, Class C, Class B, towable types, trailers, and campers. Depending on the type of RV you’re interested in, it can be very costly. But we can both agree that it is worth it! Champion Financial Services offers RV Title Loans to help you pay off your RV. Learn about the process of receiving an RV Title Loan, the necessary requirements, and how much cash you will receive with Champion Financial Services. Learn more about finance in general here!

The RV Title Loan Application Process

At Champion Financial Services, we make the loan application process easy and convenient. The entire process takes about 30 minutes. Haven’t been approved before? No problem! As a licensed title loan service, we are able to give you a loan quickly unlike other lenders who have longer processes. You must drive the RV to one of our locations and fill out the necessary paperwork. When provided with the loan, we become the lien-holder of your RV until the loan is paid off. The RV is used as collateral and you are still able to travel and enjoy your RV as you pay off the loan.

RV Title Loan Requirements

To obtain a recreational vehicle title loan there are a few requirements that have to be met. You must be able to show a valid ID. You must provide proof of income. This could include a pay stub, an offer letter from your employer, bank statements, proof of unemployment, or social security. You need to bring a vehicle registration or a pink slip. Don’t forget about insurance! Your RV must be insured in order to qualify for a title loan. Lastly, you must provide proof of residence by bringing in a piece of mail or type of bill.

Higher Vs. Lower Loan Amounts

You may be wondering how much money you will receive for your loan. The amount of money you will receive is based on a variety of factors, the value of the RV itself being one of them. Because RVs are priced higher, your loan amount will be more and we offer low-interest rates. Your credit score is not required when applying for an RV Title Loan, so you do not have to worry if you have bad credit. We will discuss the terms during your appointment and you will get the cash you need in a timely manner.

Get An RV Title Loan With Champion Financial Services

Continue to enjoy your time with your recreational vehicle and pay it off as you travel with a loan from Champion Financial Services! Our trusted financial experts are here to answer any questions and help you get the cash you need when you’re experiencing stress and need extra help. For the future, we also offer Car Title Loans, Truck Title Loans, SUV Title Loans, Motorcycle Loans, and Personal Loans. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let our specialists assist you.! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!