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How To Get A Car Title Loan Without A Clear Title

Title loans are quick to apply for, provide cash fast, and are readily available to borrowers who may not meet the often stringent requirements for other types of loans. It’s no surprise then that over two million Americans take out title loans every year. But what happens if your car isn’t registered or you don’t have a clean title? Can you still take advantage of the benefits title loans offer? Here’s what borrowers need to know about how to get a car title loan without a clear title.

Auto Title Loan Basics

Auto equity or title loans are a straightforward form of a collateral loan. In a traditional personal loan, borrowers often have to compile time-consuming and invasive reports on their overall financial situation. They then have to wait while banks review that information and draw up loan contracts.

Title loans skip all of those time-consuming steps by letting borrowers use their vehicle titles as collateral for the money borrowed. That provides borrowers with the simple, flexible liquidity they need to handle unexpected bills, cash short-falls, and the financial ups and downs of daily life.

Most Vehicles Qualify

Borrowers may not realize that they can apply for a title loan using almost any type of vehicle, including motorcycles and RVs. That means they can use that vehicle as transportation to and from work. Finally, there are no limits on how borrowers can use the money they receive from their loans. That makes title loans ideal for almost any situation.

What You Need To Get An Auto Title Loan Without A Clear Title

To apply for an auto title loan, you need only a few documents that you probably already have on hand:

  • Legal photo ID
  • Proof of your address
  • Proof of income
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Pink slip or vehicle registration

Almost any legal photo ID will do, including:

  • Drivers licenses
  • Non-driver state IDs
  • Passports

Similarly, borrowers can prove their address by providing almost any bill, mortgage or rental agreement, or credit card statement.

Proof of income is equally flexible. Options include:

  • Paystubs
  • Bank statements
  • Documentation of Social Security, Disability, retirement, or pension income

To prove registration and insurance, borrowers can provide a copy or photo of their registration and insurance card. As this list shows, gathering documents and applying is fast and easy. Borrowers can even apply online from the comfort and security of their homes at any time.

Getting A Car Title Loan Without A Clear Title

One of the borrower’s most common questions: “Can I get a title loan without a clear title?” The answer is yes! “Clear” titles are titles that indicate that borrowers own their cars outright. They show that borrowers do not owe any money on the vehicle or that there are no liens on it.

Can I Get A Title Loan If I Lost My Title?

Borrowers who lost their titles can get a title loan though they will need to order a duplicate copy of their car title first. This process can vary slightly from state to state but is often uncomplicated. In most cases, borrowers need to:

  • Complete the duplicate title request form
  • Deliver the form in person at their local DMV, online, or by mail
  • Give a copy of their ID and basic vehicle information
  • Pay a modest fee

The DMV will then ship a duplicate title to them by mail. Once they receive it, borrowers are ready to apply for a title loan.

Can I Get A Title Loan If The Title Is Signed-Over To Me?

Borrowers whose vehicles belong to someone else can still use their car to get a title loan. They need to have the person whose name is on the title sign the title over to them. In most cases, this is as simple as signing the back of the pink slip to complete a title transfer. Once the transfer is complete, borrowers are ready to apply for a title loan.

Can You Get A Title Loan Without A Registered Car?

Vehicle registration requirements can vary depending upon the type of vehicle in question. That is because not all states have registration requirements for all vehicles depending on vehicle type and usage.

Registration is often necessary, but registering a vehicle can be quick and inexpensive. In many states, it is done online and costs around $20. Owners wanting to obtain registration for a car do not need to wait for any documents to arrive once they complete the registration process.

The DMV system will provide whatever information they need, and the vehicle will show up as registered.

Credit Checks And Clear Titles

Borrowers considering title loans often wonder about credit checks as well. Some worry that waiting on a credit check will cause delays in getting the money they need. Others dread the hit their credit score may take. Fortunately, it is often not necessary to endure a credit check to get an auto title loan. That can be particularly helpful for applicants who:

  • Work freelance jobs
  • Are between jobs
  • Have unique income situations

That means that every borrower looking for quick, reliable short-term loans should consider auto title loans. They can be suitable options even for vehicle owners looking for title loans that don’t require the car to have a clear title.

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Getting a car title loan without a clear title can be quick and easy. Learn more by exploring our title loan options today, or check out our blog for more information on paying off your loan.