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What Happens If I Lose My Car Title?

The title to your vehicle may appear like a piece of paper; however, it is a crucial document proving your vehicle ownership. In addition, what happens if I lose my car title? Continue to read this blog post for finding can’t find my car title and how I get a new one. We will guide you thoroughly with our amazing blog guide.

What are vehicle titles?

For individuals who do not know, the vehicle title is the ownership proof. Besides, you will have the title of the vehicle if you own it right away.

If you want to apply for a title loan to clear the pending expenses then the title will work as collateral. Moreover, once the title is given then the lenders become the lienholder until the loan not gets repaid. Developed on this information, the title will remain with the lenders.

This is significant to get a new title for the vehicles if you can’t find the car title. In addition, there are more than a few things you cannot do without the vehicle, for example, if you want to sell the vehicle, you cannot do this without the title.

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Lost My Car’s Title: How to Get a Duplicate?

If you lost the title and now want to know what happens if you lose your car title then the short answer is you cannot do anything apart from getting a new one. Besides, the process to replace the title differs from state to state. Check out the process on how to replace the car title.

Getting a Duplicate Title is easy and does not make you to follow certain conditions:

How to replace the car title? Lost the title? How do I get a new one?

The major things you need to know while replacing the title include:

  • The Driver and Motor vehicle service division will issue a replacement title if the title is lost, or damaged.
  • A stolen title is not considered lost if you know who stole the vehicle.

Follow the complete process and guidelines from Driver and Motor Vehicle service division to duplicate the title:

  • Fill out the application form to get a new title and this is significant to know that all vehicle owners must sign the application form.
  • Paying the asked fees for completing the process for title replacement.
  • Division Motor Vehicle will acknowledge checks or money orders
  • You can discover more details regarding the different situations on replacing the lost or damaged title by visiting the official website.

 What are the steps for replacing the lost vehicle title?

The documentation process may sound complicated, however, we are about to tell filing for the lost title at the division motor vehicle is not that lengthy. Moreover, the major requirements differ from state to state and by vehicle, so you need to visit the official DMV website or make a call to them for particular information. The process looks like this:

  • Finish the lost title application form 
  • Mail the form with the requested documents and fees
  • Visit the local DMV and follow the steps mentioned on the website

Begin by discovering your state’s DMV official website and finding the duplicate title forms. In addition, this is easy to accomplish by searching online for the duplicate form.

The documentation includes offering necessary details such as name, address, driver’s license number, Vehicle Identification Number, license plate, year, make, and variant. Send through the mail for avoiding complications.

Documents required for missing car title involve a photocopy of ID and insurance, proof of paid property taxes, and an inspection slip if possible. The notary stamp is asked for by a few states.

Once you completed the form then replacing a lost car title is not a tough task.

Extra Paperwork will be asked if the vehicle has an active lien- in clear words if you have a loan or pending payment against it.

The charges for replacing the lost title are less than $50

The time duration to get the replacement title is around 6 weeks. The DMV won’t offer the new title on the website.

The process cannot be finished online in numerous states because of the significance and security of the vehicle title.

This procedure won’t offer the title for a stolen vehicle. You cannot get a new title for the stolen vehicle. The primary thing that DMV will do is run the VIN to ensure the vehicle is not stolen.

Getting a new vehicle title instantly

The crucial aspect of replacing the lost title is instant and does not make you wait. As time surpasses, you become eligible to get the new title. Moreover, anyone can replace the lost or stolen title instantly by completing the basic steps mentioned in this blog guide.

 Note: If you purchase a second-hand vehicle and do not have the title then contact the previous owner. It is their responsibility to provide proof of ownership for avoiding legal trouble.

Want to sell the vehicle? Get the title replaced initially!

The world seems to be the perfect place but the websites dealing in automobile sales are not. Once finding that you have lost the title, your initial reaction is to update the advertisement with a missing title for allowing potential buyers to know. This is not a great thought! As you are giving the impression that you are in a hurry and opening doors for wrong assumptions made.

You will get better deals and more money for the vehicle with a clear title. Not only this, this makes it easy for you to replace the title that a person whose name is not mentioned on it.

It is better to wait until you change the title before working to find a purchaser. Mentioning the missing title opens door to creating confusion and making buyers take the wrong decision. Selling a vehicle with no title is illegal in a few states.

 How can I get a replacement title online?

This depends on which state you are living in currently. A few states allow the residents to finish the process online if they want to. On the other hand, a few states request you to complete the process in person at the DMV or by mail. Getting a new car title helps you in getting proof of ownership.

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